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How Your Business Will Benefit from Working with a Copywriter and SEO Consultant

Combine seo strategies with seo copywriting and you have tailored copy that will keep the Google gods happy and compel your visitors to buy, hire or contact you. Put simply good copywriting and seo will place you above your competitors in ranking and converting.

It’s a known fact search engines, especially Google, reward quality content that answers users’ questions.

Leola from Word Savvy is a Freelance Copywriter and Seo Consultant. Leola creates standout content that will set you above your competitors.

SEO copywriting will help boost your sites ranking while keeping your customers’ on your site longer.

The Top Four Benefits of SEO

• Using seo will help search engines, such as Google, index and then rank you. The higher your ranking the better the odds that users will find you.
• SEO copywriting will persuade users to stay on your website longer. The longer they are on your site the more likely they are to engage with your product or service. Google will reward your site if users spend more time on it than other sites.
• Compelling copywriting will get your site bookmarked, shared and linked to, thereby boosting your ranking and increasing sale opportunities.
• SEO will improve navigation around your site for your users. The easier a site is to navigate the more likely users are to stick around.
The longer a user is on your site the higher the chance they will choose you over your competitors.

Word Savvy can help with all your online content from seo consultancy through to web content and blogs. Call Leola from Word Savvy to talk about how you can improve your websites performance. Leola 0458 577 694

Why Good Copywriting Will Compel Your Customers

Whether you are writing for print or online your goal is the same - to reach the right audience and convince them to choose you.

Your promotional material is your branding and a reflection of you and your business. The right tone, structure and voice can make the difference in the success of a campaign for print or online. Effective copywriting lets clients know all about your product or service in an interesting and informative way.

Clear concise well written copy will inform and motivate your audience.

Take the stress out of trying to write your own copy. As an experienced copywriter, Word Savvy can produce copy that will target the right audience and persuade them to pick you.

Word Savvy strive to help their clients understand seo and how it can impact a sites ranking. We make it part of our service to inform our clients so they can maintain their site in the future. Word Savvy are always available to answer any questions you have. Call Leola today to chat about any of the following marketing tools you need help with:

• Small Business copywriting – promotional material, information packs, articles, direct mail etc.
• Brochures or Flyers
• Media or Press Release
• Print or Online Newsletters – for your employees or consumers
• Website Content
• Blogs

Why Blog Copywriting is Important

Blogs have a twofold purpose- they offer a way to connect with your visitors and they play an important role in seo.

H4: The Secret to Good Blog Copywriting
Blogs should reflect your personality and branding, give the reader an insight to you and what you know. It builds consumer confidence and establishes you as an authority. Don’t be afraid to show you are an expert and be generous with your knowledge. Let your readers feel like they are privy to free information that others might not know.

A good blog informs, entertains and engages its readers, inspiring them to link, comment, share and tweet.

Let Word Savvy help you work out a blog schedule that suits you. Word Savvy can revamp old blogs, research and rewrite new material for you, and of course optimise for the best results.

At Word Savvy writing blogs is one of our favourite projects. We love researching a topic then fashioning it into a piece that people will enjoy, learn from and feel compelled to comment and share.
Feel free to check out Word Savvy’s blogs.

Kind Words from Word Savvy Clients

We were blown away when she sent through her first draft, we hardly changed a thing. She knew what we were after and created amazing content for our website in no time at all.

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Word Savvy are just that. Word savvy. Leola delivered so much more than she promised... I felt secure knowing Word Savvy had the expertise and drive to deliver.

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Hey there, my name is Leola and I’m the Copywriter better known as Word Savvy. As a copywriter I work with businesses to produce quality promotional material for all print and online marketing. I enjoy working closely with my clients so that I understand their business and marketing goals. Call or message anytime to chat about how I can help your business reach its full potential.

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